Banner Ads

I will provide you 14 predefined ad spots for sections like header, sidebar, inside articles, and some post templates, in smart lists, above footer or as a clickable background. My websites allows you to define up to 5 custom ads and place them in any location inside websites pages.

Header ads

$50 Price for Header ads for 1 month.

Sidebar ads

$20 Price for Sidebar Ads for 1 month.

Article ads

  • Article top ad:
  • Article Inline Ad:
  • Article Bottom Ad:

$25 Price for Article ads for 1 month.

Background ads

When someone click on Background client link open in new window.

$100 Price for Background ads for 1 month.

Above footer ads

Custom ad spots

In Website Homepage I will add your banner ads any place you want.

$40 Price for Custom ad spots for 1 month.