Get Traffic

I will provide Traffic from Below 2 Source:

  1. Computer Traffic
  2. Mobile Traffic

Traffic Source

I will Provide Below Traffic Source:

  • Customized Source — Customized Source must begin with http:// or https://
  • Google Key Word
  • Bind Key Word
  • Taiwan Yahoo Key Word
  • Baidu Key Word
  • 360 Key Word
  • Sou Gou Key Word
  • Tao Bao Goods of Key Word
  • Tao Bao Store of Key Word
  • Alibaba Key Word
  • TMALL Key Word
  • JD Key Word

Traffic Region

I am able to provide traffic Regions Mentioned in Below Image:

IP (Range:50 ~ 10000)

Time on my Site (10 Sec to 900 Sec)

$5 Price for 200 Visitors Time (60 Sec to 100 Sec) avg:80 sec

You need to add your website in Google Analytics before getting traffic.

Q. Would it be punished by search engine from my Traffic?

Many users are worried about it would be punished by Google if my service used,which not be cared.

It would get traffic with statistics code if I am used in your site,which has no relationship with Google or other sites,not be punished.

Key word ranking could be optimized with GetTraffic or clicking traffic,whether it has effect or not,not be punished.